Travel to the Sand Dune Adventure

Many of us have daydreamed about riding a camel and going on a desert safari. It’s one of those classic adventurer experiences, and amazingly this is one of the best things to do in Doha.

To truly enjoy nature at its finest and to experience the vast desert, jump into the dune bashing experience outside of the city.

Abandoning the dull tarmac for the adrenaline rush of the dunes, expect breathtaking scenery on a roller-coaster drive across the vast desert.

There are many various ways across the dunes. You can enjoy a smooth ride, or if you’re in for excitement, let your tour agent know that you would prefer to drive a fast and bumpy route.

Desert safaris will offer you a once in a lifetime experience. Walk through the pearly white beaches, and maybe even take a dip in the translucent waters of the Khor Al Udaid,

The best dune bashing tours will time it so when you start making the round trip back, you will be able to witness the spectacular sunset over Doha.

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